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Blessed Be!

Heya I’m Hollie B. I’m stoked to find you here!

I’m all about living an unbound and unlimited life. I create, play, work and do family bizo in ways that set me free. My mission in this space is to facilitate you to do the same.

I live on a bush property in south eastern NSW, in Australia, surrounded by kangaroos, kookaburras, wombats and black cockatoos. I’m a mama and an awwweeesssooomme housewife, who happens to hold space and circle for Rainbow Women who are also being free.

My latest offering to the world is the Institute for Self Crafting, a shamanic learning labyrinth and sacred space for women who want to get real about being all they came here to be.

To join me in this sacred space and honour everything that you are on your journey, you’ll need to get yo’self a copy of my Visioning Workbook, because it’s all about finding your Inner Wisdom and remembering the deep You. Just pump your details into that box below and we can start Making Magick together.


A while ago on the Lunation blog I had a thing where I’d post some links to interesting things I’d found in the week. They weren’t necessarily about anything to do with Lunation-type stuff. I wasn’t really sure if anyone was actually reading them and I had to down-track my computer time, so I stopped them.

But I’ve been receiving a whole lotta feedback around how much people get out of what I share, whether on Facebook or in person. A lot of this stuff is not directly related to the work I’m doing here at the Institute, but then, it is entirely. Because everything I do, whether it’s what I’m reading, learning, eating whatever – it is all part of what shapes me. When I work with a client, we never only talk about their spirit-full work. In fact, we hardly do at all. It’s more about family, health, happiness, relationships, food, seasons, and where to get the information they need.

So I gots ta thinkin’ and I got real clear that Self Crafting is about so so many things. And as soon as I try to limit it all to be only some things, I create big boundaries that block off all the awweeesssooomme that I could be sharing with you. And What if you all got something out of the sharing for yourSelf and it took you to great places and then it helped you be even more in your Power and Be your entire contribution as you came here to be?

Because I actually want to live in a world where people are happy and healthy. Where everyone is their Whole Unlimited Self and we all get to live together in an ultimate global village community. Where everyone has all the money they need, all the nutrition they need, all the love they need. I want to live in a world where people don’t feel alone. I want to share what I know and I want people to be able to take from it what they need… What if that’s actually my purpose in doing this work? And everything else is just a step in the right direction..

I’d like to tell you I’m gonna do this weekly. But let’s be Real about it people. I’m not always good at sticking to deadlines and it ain’t something that I want to be a stress anyway – like “oh no I haven’t put up the stuff I’m into this week” kind of thing ; that’s no good. So it will come almost every week – maybe more like every month. And I’d love to hear about what you find helpful in your life from these posts.

Oh, and there’s probably supposed to be some sort of disclaimer in here about how some of the links might actually make me money if you click on them or if you buy from them. There won’t be many though because setting up affiliate accounts with other companies is time consuming and it gives me the irrates. And then they send you heaps of email all the time and just take up way too much personal space! You know me, I’m only going to recommend stuff that I really believe is awweeesssooomme. It’s just not my style to give you info just to cash in. So click where you like and love it up however it works for you. And if you really feel like I could be making a commission on the products, feel free to send something extra to my Paypal account. I’ll even write you a love-letter back.

Love you.

Hollie B. - Institute for Self Crafting

This week : 26th October 2104 – 1st November 2014

Learning :

Currently I’m focusing on learning more about the whole world of body mechanics. In particular, I’m working my mind around the idea of having no furniture – at least no sitting furniture that makes slouching and sloping so easy but is so rubbish for our bodies. You might like this article by Katy Bowman about her house that is (almost) furniture free. Her entire blog is amazing and there is so much to learn from her. I’m sure you’ll be seeing her books in the reading section of this list before 2014 comes to an end :)

Listening :

Each morning on my dog walking expeditions I listen to part of a podcast. This time has changed my entire world in the sense that I could never find time to do anything like this before and now I’ve got a ready made section of my day that is perfect for learning all sorts of new things! I recently walked with my wifi so that I could listen to this YouTube video from one of my favourite athletes Amanda Allen. My best take away from this interview was her comment “control every 1% of 100% of the controllables” if you want success. Amanda Allen is a CHEK and Crossfit coach (two things I love) and has a very interesting point of view about working hard and being successful as an athlete. Check it out if it interests you.

Reading :

I just got a delivery of the most epic pile of books. So many have been on my reading list for a long time – and many of them will stay on the list until I get to them agh! But Chelsea Green were having a giant sale so I went a bit wild. Anyway, I’m starting my reading with a non-Chelsea Green book : Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore. I heard Jimmy Moore talk on the Paleo Hacks podcast and I knew this book absolutely had to move into our house. In particular, I am reading this to work more with Perfect Husband Bolj’s nutrition. As an ex-Australian Institute of Sport Olympic Weightlifter who broke his back and has spent the last twenty years in the construction industry (eating rubbish) his body carries all sorts of interesting little quirks. There are a heaps of primal hacks we are slowly working toward to get his body back into action – one step at a time because he doesn’t like to load up on new things like his wife! I’m really looking forward to getting into Keto Clarity to experiment with his body weight and optimal health overall. And I know there will be some stuff in there for me too.

Eating :

OMG this company makes me so happy! Yes they sell FAT. Grass fed, organic, pure and luscious fat. I’m into fat. I have been ever since I read The Zone by Dr Barry Sears. So imagine my happiness when I found out that I’m (practically) neighbours with York Farms who sell grass fed lard and dripping. Order is on it’s way. I’ll tell you how great it is on Instagram and Facebook no doubt!

Moving :

My daily exercise at the moment is entirely dedicated to walking. Having come from an intense sports perspective my entire life, from Martial Arts to Weights to Crossfit, it has taken me a long time to get my head around the idea that Walking could actually be classed as exercise, and that that walking could ven be more beneficial movement (for now) than the other more intense programs of my previous experience. But, you know, when the body has come from such a stress load, natural and gentle movements without too much fancy can actually work well. Don’t think I’m going all yoga-lala on you alright!

To be honest, I don’t JUST walk. I barefoot walk. It has made a massive difference to my overall body/mind health. My osteopath is incredibly happy with my progress. I’ve gone from having to see him every 5 days to going more than 6 weeks between visits. And although I’m doing some exercises that he’s given me, we both believe the barefoot walking has been a huge motivator in the change.

BTW, my osteopath is called Jared and you will find him at Woden at the Canberra Osteopathic Centre. He rocks my world. If you’ve got body issues and your in Canberra – go see him!

Making :

One of my kiddos is a bit sniffly, so in between hits of homeopathic Coryzalia (which I get on ebay – don’t buy it in a health food shop it’s just way too expensive!) I’ve made up some Elderberry syrup and hopefully will get to the jelly making real soon. If you want the recipes you’ll find them on my Pinterest board for Wellness.

Hacking :

I’m interested in Biohacking. It’s like the kind of things we can be having more control over to better manage our body systems, without the help of ‘experts’ and people who supposedly know more about us than we do. So getting to know your body becomes an ongoing research project on what works best for you. Right now, while I always seem to be working at night time, I’ve downloaded the f.lux app to see if it will help my sleep rhythms. You know that thing about blue light and how computer screens screw with our natural nightly rhythm? Well f.lux is supposed to fix that. I’ll let you know in a few months.

Supporting :

This petition is important. Birth Choice is not a privilege – it’s a RIGHT. If we can get enough supporters to this petition, we just might be able to get home birth midwifes as part of the ACT Health System – Medicare funded. Now you KNOW I’m fairly anarchistic when it comes to, well everything. But I do see why this is important. Think of it like the gateway between what we have now (horrendously medicalised birth services and massive fear from women around birth) to what we could have (epic support and love for natural birth and everything it can be in community). And although it is only relevant to Canberra based birth services, it is the start of something. As one state changes policy, it makes way for another to follow suit. Do you know that in NZ home birth services are a part of the public health system? They even bring a birth pool to your house…

Crafting :

I’m still working on a Cross Stitch embroidery for my fiend who’s 40th birthday was weeks ago! It’s Dr Who themed. I’ve never watched Dr Who. But I did a bit of Google and Etsy and Pinterest research and came up with a pattern that seemed to be appropriate. I did a heap of Cross Stitch when I was a kid, but always by following meaningless patterns. I’m really loving putting my own twist to the traditional sampler idea. Keep an eye on Instagram for the final product.

Working :

Currently I’m putting the finishing touches on the Cosmic Mama Journal for the Members of the Institute so that they can get deep into the CM Units and have some great resources to Self Craft their own journey. Then I’ll be finishing off the uploads of all the CM Units which are actually ready to go, but just have to be created in the system. I need about four Hollies to get this part done. All in good time is supposed to be a good mantra. Mantras are overrated.

Also, I’m preparing to travel to QLD on a family roadtrip where I will be sharing a special workshop on Wednesday 26th November in Brisbane, and then helping my friend Jennifer with the Festival of Celebration in the Gold Coast/Nerrang area on Friday 28th.

I’ll be available for consults along the coast, from the Sunshine Coast to Sydney so if you’re interested in working with me now’s your chance.

More info about that in the next few weeks in my newsletter.

Loving :

Chef Pete Evans. He’s a legend. What he’s saying about food is awesome. It’s opening up so many options for people who just didn’t know before. Love him.

So that was epic. I think next week (or month) I’ll just give you a few words for each section with the link. And you can work out the rest as it takes you! Have a great week!