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Blessed Be!

Heya I’m Hollie B. I’m stoked to find you here!

I’m all about living an unbound and unlimited life. I create, play, work and do family bizo in ways that set me free. My mission in this space is to facilitate you to do the same.

I live on a bush property in south eastern NSW, in Australia, surrounded by kangaroos, kookaburras, wombats and black cockatoos. I’m a mama and an awwweeesssooomme housewife, who happens to hold space and circle for Rainbow Women who are also being free.

My latest offering to the world is the Institute for Self Crafting, a shamanic learning labyrinth and sacred space for women who want to get real about being all they came here to be.

To join me in this sacred space and honour everything that you are on your journey, you’ll need to get yo’self a copy of my Visioning Workbook, because it’s all about finding your Inner Wisdom and remembering the deep You. Just pump your details into that box below and we can start Making Magick together.

Global teleSessionnotes May 2015

This month’s Global teleSession call didn’t quite go according to plan – the registrations didn’t work very well and then there seems to have been a problem with the call line…. which could have something to do with Mercury Retrograde kicking in on the same day. Woo. So I took some notes on the night and here is the basic low-down on what to expect and shift.

You know, there’s wisdom in even the most seemingly backward happenings, and so what started as a stressful evening has turned into a really clear picture of how to move forward. But that’s a story for another day. I apologise for not getting these note to your sooner, but of course, everything happens when it’s supposed to and here you are.

So here are the notes (and questions for using as a process) from this month’s Reading of the Energies. Take what you need and leave the rest behind!


Recently you’ve been in a more insular state, not paying attention to what’s been happening around you (because you just haven’t had the time to look or whatever other excuse that’s been useful), or paying attention to other people or anything else.

Presently the opportunities are here for the taking but only if you bother to lift your head up and SEE what is happening. Some opportunities are currently unseen by you and it will take a good look in the mirror to open your eyes properly and take the step into your whole life.

In the near future there is a power struggle coming, and time will tell whether you really are walking the truth you talk, or whether you’ve been full of shit this entire time.

Opportunities and possibilities are here. Have optimism now because everything you’ve been asking for has arrived. Get out of your own way – there’s no more excuses.

Power struggles from before will rear their heads again and cases that you thought had diffused might come back to question you all over again. It is the Universe’s way of making sure you really are what you say and that the stuff you’ve been sprouting about what you want in your life – well, now that it is here are you really up to the task of being the full potential you could be. Run the Implant Band bar everyday – place three fingers of each hand behind each ear lobe, run fingers fingers behind head to where the indent where the bottom of the skull meets back of neck. Hold for as long as necessary to release points of view that you have subscribed to from others.

You might have thought you were balanced and things were in place, like you’ve been playing your cards carefully and now everything should be falling into place, but all you were doing was hiding behind jumping in entirely and now the new light of this moon is shining awareness on the parts of you that are still pretending. If you address this you will certainly be able to take things deeper, and the energies are supporting you in that, but it’s all up to you – it always was!

Whatever you’ve been ignoring (hoping you wouldn’t have to face) and making excuses for is now here to be faced. Mercury retrograde clearly is supporting the dealing with your drama by getting it all out, communicating everything once and for all so that you can’t go back again. There is more in this than you realise so stop trying to control the situation and surrounded to the energy of now.

Your personal work makes its entry into the world right now in a more profound way, putting you into your Power, rather than the power struggles that your pretending and other drama that you are drawn to create in your life puts you into. You have the hands on the reigns of where you’re going so it’s your choice whether you are heavy handed or you will steer yourself gently to the next phase of your life.

The new possibilities that you are glimpsing look as though they are too wild, too bold, too crazy, and you might decide it’s all unfair and too hard, like the world is going to fall down around you – but actually what is falling down is the shit that’s not helpful anyway and if you embrace it it’s all right here for the taking. Live boldly! Dream big. All the drama is simply about your old S.H.I.T. coming up again and you need to decided how you’re going to move forward form here. are you going to let the S.H.I.T. in your head get t you this time AGAIN? Everything you want is possible and right around the corner. Stop the excuses. It’s getting very boring.

Watch out for : There are lots of decisions to be made and change MUST happen. The Lunar energy is supporting you to make physically actualise, not just imagine, the energy of change. This is particularly in the home, work and family. No more excuses – this is whole world changing stuff and the change will be good if you just get on with it instead of fearing it. The fear is getting boring too. Half way is not enough this month. All in or nothing.

You’ve been kidding yourself on what is nourishing you, and its time to look deeply at the lies that you tell yourself so as to fit in with the world around you – in order to stay comfortable. Is what you’re doing, breathing, eating, drinking really the nourishment you need? Ask : What does my body need right now? What does my heart need right now? What will allow me to Be fully in my own rhythm?

The time is now to end the pendulum – whether it’s fad diets, or on and off exercise routines or binge drinking… use this month to create habits not excuses. The excuses have been done to death. What if you could create a habit instead?

Look at how you can make realistic changes to your life that you will stick to – this is part of the pretending theme – just because someone else does it or you’ve read that it’s good for you doesn’t mean anything to you unless it will also work for YOU. Don’t pretend you’re like everyone else. Do what is right for you.

New Moon : Look in the mirror and stop lying to yourself about what you are doing / can do / want to do – look for the excuses you’re making. Write them down so as to own them. Do : Use the CTP work at the Institute to process and clear.

Waxing Moon : Your shadows will be pulled out and lain bare and the connection to your Woman Self is what’s necessary right now : Do : the Red threads meditation and remember that you are Cosmic Woman, the pathway between Land and Stars, the Heavens and the Earth.

Full Moon : Continued to lay bare and here you have choice to dance with your shadows or keep them in the cupboard, allowing them the chance to devour you if that cupboard comes ajar. This corresponds with others’ opinions of you and what you want to do in your life. The decisions you will need to make will be clear now, even if you’re not feeling ready to make them, it will be quite clear what those choices are. Ask : How much more of me can I be?

Waning : Pick and choose what you want and when. Be very specific. It’s as though the Universe has everything you’ve been asking for on a platter and its time you stepped up and took everything you want right now. (Structure : you choose the structure of everything you want, move the chess pieces where you want them – in it to win it) things will actualise perfectly from what you chose at this time so be sure to choose what you really do want. Once it actualises, you won’t be able to put it back in the box and return it to the store. Ask : What will the Universe bring me today that is perfectly aligned with my deepest needs and desires?

Unusually, there is room this month for high drama and intense back and forth – argey bargey but it is all your own making either from what you’ve chosen before or how you’re dealing with things right now. Fact is, its all choice and there’s no right or wrong. If you don’t like how things are progressing, ask What’s right about this I’m not getting? and keep an open mind. The awareness is there if you are willing to pay attention.

Be honest with yourself and true to you. Not someone else’s image of you (nor your own false image of yourself that is based on what you think other people want you to be) and everything will fall into place with ease. Ask :
What am I choosing for me?

Love you,

Hollie B. - Institute for Self Crafting