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The Institute for Self Crafting is my offering to the amazing women of the world; the mamas, the sistars, the dreamers, the weavers and the soulful ones. Come in and find a labyrinth of choices for creating a world that sets you free…


This week : 5th October 2015


This week : 5th October 2015

Learning :

Everything I can about Vitamin D and the Sun. Start here

Listening :

We went out to a local Jam Session and my personal superhero Bolj got back on the bass for the first time in a couple of years. There was a rad 90s vibe so I’m back to the golden oldies at the moment : Nirvana, Bjork, Cypress Hill. You know it.

Reading :

I’m absolutely loving Richard Louv’s The Nature Principle and also, this great book my friend gave me that we have been reading as a family called Wise Child.A great read for any rewilding, magickally inclined.

Eating :

Greens. Like, I am absolutely obsessing over greens : mostly because of this talk. I listened to a while ago. And I’m eating a lot of eggs, because that’s what happens when you’ve got 40 chooks!

Moving :

How amazing is this instafeed ? I’m crushing on the idea of myself being able to move at least a bit like this! In the meantime, I’m walking, jumping, climbing and balancing through our forest barefoot as much as I can.

Making :

I’m making myself present in cultural responsibility in my little town, in a few different ways. I’ve joined the committee for the biannual Two Fires Festival which is all about arts, activism and indigenous culture, in honour of Judith Wright. And I intend to make some changes in the way that this festival is marketed, created and delivered in 2017 so that we have a heap more passionate people here.

Hacking :

The more I research EMF the further I move away from manmade electrical frequencies. We have a limited run of electricity here anyway, but I’ve been turning off my mobile phone whenever I don’t need to use it, as well as using my phone in a block through the day, so that I can get all my ‘wifi’ work done at once, and then I can negate the dodgy mitochondria damage with some forest bathing , water, algae etc. throughout the rest of the day.

Supporting :

I’ve been super active in my local community supporting projects that benefit youth and promote cultural responsibility. See this Facebook post if you want an inspirational soap box about why we absolutely must support the things we believe in. Never give up!

Also, I’ve put in a submission to the Federal Government about this bull shit No Jab No Pay thing. Have you?

Crafting :

Dolls. Dolls. Dolls. I’ve been knitting crazay as I make dolls for all my friends who are having babies at the moment. Check out my Freddie Mercury. Awesome right? Next up is Link from The Legend of Zelda and then a Hobbit.

Working :

I recently opened this page on Facebook where I will be moving back into the work of the Red Tent. Seriously, I tried to take a break, but people keep asking me ‘When’s the next Red Tent?’ A woman came up to me in the supermarket and said ‘Are you the lady who runs Women’s events? When is your next one?’ So I’m in preparation of new things to come out here in The Wood.

Loving :

Konmari and, My Village. Our seasonal activities together just get better and better, and last week’s Spring Equinox gathering, where we had to deal with some fairly heavy shit as a group and rose to the challenge with the help of NVC , really showed us all just how amazing this community has become. I am repeatedly reminded how like minds create amazing outcomes, and that there’s nothing a Circle can’t resolve.

PS. You can absolutely Konmari anything in your life!


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Love you.

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