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Best Week So Far 26th June

bestweeksofarThis week has been the best so far!

When you live a life guided by creating more and more awesome, you ensure that each week is better than the last:
better awareness = better choice = better resources = better being

Don’t get stuck in the past with a week that was “the best ever”! Create weeks that are the best so far, and keep on creating more!

Here are the tools that have contributed to this week being my best so far…


Questions offer choice and possibility you weren’t aware of before. Conclusions offer rigid judgements that trap you where you are. Here is the question that has created the most change for me this week :

Who’s is this?

This has been the single most popular question coming up over and over and over again in the Red Tent this week (I kept the Circle for 4 Red Tents this week!). How many points of view do you carry that are not even yours? Asking Who’s Is This? whenever you have a conclusionary view point (I’m fat, I don’t like cheese, She’s a weirdo, I shouldn’t cry in front of people, I should do the dishes, I don’t have any money…) allows you to see the energy for what it is ; usually not even yours. When you ask Who’s is this? and your world lightens up, it was never yours. Send it back to where it came from and get on with being You instead.

Post you might have missed…

This week has been Winter Solstice and to celebrate our family participated in two weeks of ceremony that I wrote called the Twelve Days of Winter’s Tide. You can read all about it here >>> and see the photos on Instagram here >>> at the hashtag #twelvedaysofwinterstide. Winter’s Tide is still in motion and you are invited to join us in your own home.

An offer that will help you and your friends…

My 2016 Lunation Annual Planner was more successful than I ever imagined it would be. We have sold over 60 copies, which is fairly decent for a calendar that was released in the final 2 weeks of 2015, with no advertising!

Many people have expressed to me that they are disappointed to have missed it, and they’d like to try it out for next year. So to take it one step ahead, I’ve made the Planner available in a Winter’s Edition. It is the final six months with all the extra trimmings.

You can get a bonus by referring friends to purchase their own Winter’s Edition. They get a $10 discount when they provide a referral name, and you get $5 off for your 2017 issue, when they are released in October. Find out more here >>>

Most popular Facebook post…
Day 7 of the #twelvedaysofwinterstide was more popular than all the others… must have been the drum! >>Here>>

Quote of the week…
“Life must be lived as play”. – Plato

Love you,


Winter Edition Lunation Annual Planner 2016

w.e.bookWinter Solstice has been and gone and the days can only get lighter and warmer from here… right? I miss the sun :(

I’ve spoken to tonnes of people who say they wish they had known about my 2016 Lunation Annual Planner at the start of the year, and they can’t wait to get next year’s print run.

Are you one of those people?

I tell anyone who will listen how great the Planner is. It literally makes my life one thousand times easier than ever before. People often respond with “Ooh, if it’s that good I’ll definitely get one next year…”

Here’s what my friend Chelle said just last week :

“I LOVE my planner. I find when I skip using it, I end up waffling around getting heaps done of nothing at all! I love setting intentions for, and creating my day watching the sun rise with my early morning coffee 💛”

~ Chelle Luke from Birthing Brave

So I have put together a Winter Edition of the 2016 Lunation Annual Planner, covering the final six months of the year. It is 220 page printed book for $30 printed and bound.

Were you referred by a friend? For every W.E. purchased by a friend, referees will receive $5 off their 2017 Annual planner when they are released in October. Help out your friend by adding their details in the form below.

If you’re keen to get hold of your own Winter Edition Planner, fill out the form below and I will send you a Paypal invoice.

If you would like to purchase a Digital Version of the 2016 Lunation Annual planner for you to print yourself, go here >>

The joy of clearing out your email…

I was sorting through my inbox and I came across this article for Spirit and Spell, where I was interviewed for the Lunation App. Better late than never, I figured it would be a nice share for you.

The app is still available on iTunes. It has a few issues that need cleaning up, and is on the list to have a total reconstruct very soon – so if you want to be a part of the change, you could choose to download it now. What could the Spell builder contribute in your life?

Love you,